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By Dante Mantovani

Translation: Kay Lyra  in Colaboration with Laura Mac-Knight Maule

Shortly after the start of the Brazilian elections on October 7, 2018, several reports of fraud, malfunctioning of electronic ballot boxes and misplaced situations flooded the social networks.  Coming from the most diverse places, states and cities, those complaining – full of indignation – presented similar issues:

1 – After voting for governor, the machine closed the options, even though the vote for president was still lacking;

2 – After voting for president, an error message popped on the screen;

3 – The picture of presidential candidate, Jair Bolsonaro, would not show on the screen;

4 – Electronic ballots would turn off by themselves;

5 – Video recordings coming from various localities all over the country showed outraged, angry and distressed citizens for not being able to vote for their candidate for the presidency of the Republic. Curiously this only occurred whenever the candidate happened to be Jair Bolsonaro.

The big excuse they had to impose the use of electronic ballot boxes on Brazilian people was “to ensure the security of the electoral process”. Now, how can an electoral process be safe when more than 30 thousand electronic ballot boxes are reported as vehicles of irregularities – and worse, always to the detriment of the same candidate?

In 2015, the National Congress passed law 13,165, to reinstitute the printed vote, but this project was vetoed by former president Dilma Rousseff (who was impeached for corruption). This law was authored by Jair Bolsonaro, the same candidate who has been impaired by the frauds reported by so many people.

On June 6th 2018, urged by General Prosecutor of Brazil Raquel Dodge, STF (Federal Court of Justice) took down the law that instituted the printed vote for the 2018 elections, by 8 votes against 2, in a flagrant act of judicial activism and usurpation of legislative power.

Once more the excuse was “the security and integrity” in the electoral process (when 30 thousand reports of fraud have already proved the impossibility of obtaining it through the use of electronic ballot boxes).

However, Raul Jungmann who is the current Minister of Public Security for  Michel Temer administration and who happens to be a notorious member of the former Brazilian Communist Party (now PPS) , went public on voting day to say that questioning about electronic ballot boxes is “unacceptable.”

We all know very well how much the Communists appreciate censorship of the press and how much they detest being questioned by anything and anyone. Let us learn a little more about Raul Jungmann: he was the Minister of Agrarian Development of Fernando Henrique Cardoso (another notorious Communist), and his performance was effusively praised by Fidel Castro, the greatest Communist leader of Latin America.

Another authority who is against any questioning on the electronic ballot is the General Prosecutor of Brazil, Raquel Dodge, indicated by Michel Temer, (brother of Communist Milton Temer) who was vice president of Communist Dilma Rousseff in 2014.

Raquel Dodge played her (Communist) role very well and on the day of the election she threatened to use the State’s apparatus to persecute and punish anyone who would question the “unquestionable” reliability of the electronic ballots.

Isn’t it such a coincidence that everyone who works to implant the Communist system in Latin America detests questions and loves electronic ballot boxes!?!

But let’s move on and enumerate a few reasons why electronic ballot boxes can – and should – be the subject of questioning:

1 – How is it possible that electronic ballot boxes are used under the pretext of ensuring the smoothness and transparency of the elections and at the same time not be subjected to any questioning by any means? If the intention was really to guarantee the honesty of the elections then all questioning should be very welcome.

2 – The electronic ballots in Brazil are made in Venezuela and are the same that guaranteed “victory after victory” for Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela, Evo Morales in Bolivia, Manuel Santos (who is sided with FARC) in Colombia and PT in Brazil.  What do Santos, Maduro, Morales, Lula and Dilma Rousseff have in common besides landing in power through elections with these same electronic ballots?
All of them are members of “Foro de São Paulo”, which is a Communist and Terrorist organization created by Lula and Fidel Castro in the 1990’s. In 1993 they received the golden seal and support from the globalists’ mega billionaire elites through George Soros who sponsors the Inter-American Dialogue, a think-tank created to help concentrate the power of Latin America in the hands of the left.

3 – These electronic ballots that are so much appreciated by the members of the “Foro de São Paulo” are the same ones that were rejected by the United States, the most technologically developed country in the world, and that still uses the manual voting system like so many other developed countries.

4 – Also in March 2015, a world-wide event known as the “Conclave for Democracy” was held at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, USA , in which political scientists, engineers and activists from throughout Latin America reported electoral fraud on the continent. They all had a common denominator: electronic voting machines made by Smartmatic.

5 – Brazilian philosopher Olavo de Carvalho participated in the conclave and explained how the electronic ballot fits into the Communist and Gramscist strategy to obtain the power in Latin America, especially in Brazil: through the rigging of the institutions by Communist militants and the electronic ballots. This system serves as electoral control since the calculation of the result stays only in the hands of State’s technicians (being the State infiltrated by Communist militants). Olavo de Carvalho recently wrote that we should not minimize the results of electoral fraud with these ballots.

“All the crimes commited by the Worker’s Party (PT) until now are nothing compared to this gigantic fraudulent set up the entire Brazilian electorate and force them into a second-round run in order to favor the loosing candidate.”  (Olavo de Carvalho)

Now, if the people do not have the right to investigate the votes or to audit the instruments of voting, there is no way we can believe in democracy!

6 – Another important fact: in this first round of 2018, when only 10% of the polls in the Southeast had been counted, Jair Bolsonaro had 49.02% of the valid votes and his victory in the first round would already be mathematically certain, since in the Southeast his advantage was overwhelming. There was, then, a 15 minutes pause in the counting process and from that moment on, instead of confirming that upward trend, the PSL candidate did not stop falling, having parked at the level of 46% of valid votes, which is impossible to be true, since only in the largest electoral college, São Paulo, Bolsonaro won with overwhelming difference in 600 of the 635 cities of the State.

7 – The change in actual results can be achieved by using a simple computer program in a handful of ballot boxes, or at the time of voting totals, which sets a different percentage for each candidate. Even if the ballot box is zeroed at the beginning of the vote, it can be programmed with algorithms that deliver a distinct proportion of votes for each candidate relative to the actual proportion.
For example, for each 10 computed votes for candidate “A”, 20 votes are sent to candidate “B”, or for each vote that has candidate “B”,  2 votes for candidate “A” are erased.  This program can easily be inserted in any electronic ballot, even after the initial report showing that the ballot is “clean” (zerésima) and has no votes before. The process of voting is initiated since the algorithm will only take place during or after the voting process.
The program that is going to run the fraud can be inserted by anyone who has access to the polls, whether they are tax collectors, TSE officials, auditors, employees, transport officials, messengers – anyone who has been infiltrated to rig the democratic process in favor of communism – which considering the state apparatus by Communist militants is not really difficult to do.

8 – Another possibility of fraud in electronic voting machines is in the process of transporting the ballot boxes from one place to another, or even in the transport of the diskettes containing the ballots. All electronics saved results on diskettes that are handled by TSE technicians and held in custody by those responsible for the transport for a considerable period of time, which can act as a “blind spot” in which some fraud can occur.
It is virtually impossible to monitor this whole process across the country, since people cannot even approach these floppy disks or electronic ballot boxes after the end of voting.  With the system of printed votes, however, the people would be able to follow up-close the counting of the votes and demand their recounting if necessary.
Currently, with this electronic voting system, all people can do is to blindly trust the system imposed by the TSE (Superior Electoral Court).

9 – We know that in its 13 years in power, PT (Worker’s Party) has rigged all the institutions of Brazilian State, including the Judiciary System, in the so-called “great march into the State”, in which PT militants occupied – even before of PT winning the 2002 elections – key positions in all levels of the Brazilian State. The current president of the TSE, Rosa Weber, was also appointed to her position by the same PT that has never lost a presidential election since the implementation of the electronic voting system. This can be just a big coincidence – or not.

10 – TSE (Electoral Supreme Court) has a database with information on every single Brazilian voter. When the voting information comes out of the judicial body (TRE), it is saved in the central office in a database, which can easily be replaced by distorted information. All it takes is a malicious person to have access to the system for a few seconds.

11 – It is important to remember that George Mark Malloch Brown is the same man who is in charge of George Soros’ largest organization, the Open Society Institute, which belongs to Smartmatic, the Venezuelan company responsible for giving “smoothness to the Brazilian electoral process”.

12 – George Soros, a man with close ties to Smartmatic’s high command, once again through his Inter-American Dialogue think-tank, held a meeting on September 25, 2018 with leaders of Pan-American leftism to discuss the following theme: how to destroy the candidacy of Jair Messias Bolsonaro.

13 – On the same day, journalist Joice Hasselmann denounced the entry of US$ 600 million (dollars) in Brazil, destined to major Brazilian media outlets, which in the last week before the first round gave off a huge selection of lies and unbelievably low untruths and attacks against front runner Jair Bolsonaro. Soros’s lying machine also attacked Bolsonaro by vehicles lined up in the international media, such as TIME Magazine, which also published a series of lies about the candidate, aiming to undermine him internationally. We have disfigured these lies in this article: https://mci.radio.br/cultura/revista-americana-mente-mais-sobre-bolsonaro-do-que-a-midia-brasileira/

It is actually very simple to understand why all these lies and hate  are taking place: Soros group’s intention is to discredit Bolsonaro so if he questions the “smoothness” of the elections through these electronic ballots, he will have no international support. This is their evil intention when they paint him as a “racist” or a “Nazi” with no realistic foundation.

14 – In addition to these relevant data, on September 15, 2018, the Brazilian Federal Police seized US$ 16 million entering Brazil from Equatorial Guinea, a country that was very “helped” by Lula, who sent billions of Reais (Brazilian currency) of the tax money paid by the Brazilian people (without the people’s knowledge about it) to support countless dictatorships around the world, including Venezuela, Cuba, Equatorial Guinea and Angola.
George Soros has been a great enthusiast and supporter of Lula since 1993, when he and Fernando Henrique Cardoso signed the Princeton Pact, in which the mega-billionaire gained proceeds of Brazil’s mineral wealth – through its Open Society – in exchange for his support in helping to empower the PT-PSDB parties which has already been successful for the past 24 years and only now it’s finally crumbling because of an outsider candidate, Jair Messias Bolsonaro.

15 – Jair Bolsonaro is a major obstacle to this scheme that has been working so well for  the past 24 years, and then, on September 6st, 2018 … He suffers an assassination attempt (https://mci.radio.br/jornalismo/bolsonaro-e-esfaqueado-em-juiz-de-fora/), a brutal terrorist act, in the city of Juiz de Fora, in Minas Gerais, by a man who worked in the campaign of Dilma Rousseff (former president indicated by Lula and impeached in 2016, also from the Worker’s Party, PT) to the Senate by Minas Gerais (which she lost in a very bad position after “officially” being the 1st in the lying polls).
Bolsonaro then is unable to continue his victorious street campaign, which dragged millions of people into a wave of popular support never before seen in Brazilian history!

16 – On September 21st, 2018, a Hezbollah terrorist, Assad Ahmad, was seized by the PF on charges of money laundering and organized crime. When Dilma Rousseff was the president of Brazil (elected by Smartmatic electronic ballots), she declared support for the groups Hezbollah, Fatah and the Islamic State. George Soros is also a great enthusiast of Islamic terrorism. He works hard and invests many resources to provide the whole takeover of Europe by this “side” of Islam.
Soros is also a great enthusiast of the electronic ballots as much as the militants for the Worker’s Party (PT) who play the official roles on Brazilian State and in the inspection and execution of the elections.

17 – The voice of the people in the streets on October 8th, the day after the elections is unanimous: the electronic ballot boxes were mocked.
Therefore, heralds of the TSE, General Prosecutor, Ministry of “Security” the suspicions arising from all parties and the questioning about electronic ballot boxes, made by millions of people today is legitimate. To deny them – or worse, trying to censure them – only shows a more concrete proof that we already live in a Dictatorship that has no respect for Democracy!

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